Download Free MP3 Audio Books


MP3 music is great. But sometimes, you might have a hankerin’ for something a bit different. We’ve created this site to bring you some audio books that may be of interest to you.

With the popularity of MP3 players, we’ve now got more opportunities than ever to use our time more effectively. So whether you’re working out, driving, using your computer or participating in almost any other activity, you can now be listening to quality resources instead of mindless radio programming, etc.

These books will cover a variety of topics…in fact, a variety so broad (in time) that they’re hard to categorize. You’ll just have to check back and see what we’ve come up with. ;-)

There’s one part of the name of the site that we haven’t mentioned yet: FREE. These books are offered for free download and use. Since the site’s costs are underwritten by the limited advertising contained on the site, we are denying permission for you to re-post these books on your own site or other download sites. If you appreciate what we’re doing here, we ask you to refer others to the site. The files themselves are fairly large, and tend to “gum up” most email programs anyway.

Thanks for your interest!